How To Get Rough Stone

If someone would offer us a 5 carats rough diamond, for example, stone structure, VS2 and G color. The stone structure we will yield approximately 50 percent of the finished diamond: 5 carats (rough diamond) x 0.50 (50%) = 2.50 carats (polished diamond). […]

How To Get Zinc Metal From Galvanised Sheet

Hot-dip galvanization is a form of galvanization. It is the process of coating iron and steel with zinc, which alloys with the surface of the base metal when immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 840 °F (449 °C). […]

Swtor How To Get Refferal Link

SWTOR Referral Link. If you are just starting Star Wars: The Old Republic for the first time, or returning to the game from a vacation, get a referral link. A referral link will get you 7 days of subscription time, several unlocks for each character, and one free server transfer. If you decide to subscribe during a referral link, the 7 days will be added to your subscription time. This is a […]

How To Get Chickens To Lay Eggs Again

3/10/2008 · This is normal and your chickens should begin laying eggs again after several weeks. 6. If you have rats, ground squirrels or weasels, there is a possibility that these animals are stealing your hens' eggs. […]

How To Get A Xbox Controller To Work For Pc

Open your Internet browser. Click on the address bar and navigate to Microsoft Downloads. Select "Gaming" from the options at the top of the screen and then choose "Xbox 360 Controller for Windows." […]

Do You Ever Forget How To Snowboard

What motivated you to do an instructor course? I started skiing at the age of 14 and have had at least one week’s skiing almost every year since. I completed my degree in architecture at the age of 24 and ever since then I had dreams of doing the instructors course but my professional career and family life (3 children) interfered with that plan. […]

How To Get Sheep Out Of My Boat In Minecraft

Hey everybody! If you want to submit your video of pretending to be shep and playing a game, make sure the game and the commentary is family friendly, get your parent / guardian's permission, and s... […]

How To Get Out Of Moodglade

Over the next couple of weeks Moonglade would get up every few hours at night to feed the kitten. After every meal, Opie would crawl onto her chest, curl up, and fall asleep purring. After every meal, Opie would crawl onto her chest, curl up, and fall asleep purring. […]

How To Make Big Eyes Look Smaller Without Makeup

How to Make a Big Nose Look Smaller With Makeup Contouring Tips, Eyeliner Tricks and Ways to Downplay a Big Nose . Share Pin Email How to make a big nose appear smaller. Brand X Pictures / Getty Images Beauty and Skincare . Makeup Skincare Fragrance by Julyne Derrick. updated December 12, 2017 The nose tends to be a focal point of the face unless you play up another feature. Consider […]

How To Get The D6

View our D6 guitar chord charts and voicings in Standard tuning with our free guitar chords and chord charts. If you are looking for the D6 chord in other tunings, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page. […]

How To Get A Powerful Punch

8/10/2013 You can only learn how to punch harder if you already have a solid punching technique. The second most important aspect would be wrists strength which is not just about hitting harder, but also […]

How To Lose Weight Diet Reddit

How To Lose Weight Fast Reddit How To Lose Weight In Your Lower Stomach Fast How To Lose Weight By Eating Veggies Lose 40 Pounds Healthy Diet Grocery List How Many Calories Do You Need To Lose 1 Pound Oh, yes, now system sports. […]

How To Get Siri To Read Text Messages Out Loud

Tapping the button will read the selected text out loud. If you enable Speak Selection in Settings, a new option appears to turn on highlighting content, which highlights the text as its read. If you enable Speak Selection in Settings, a new option appears to turn on highlighting content, which highlights the text as its read. […]

How To Learn Social Science

Social science essays also need to demonstrate an effective use of social scientific skills. Perhaps the most obvious of these skills is the ability to deploy […]

Ted I M Going To Teach You How To Live

Watch video So, I'm going to teach you how to interview people, and that's actually going to help you learn how to be better conversationalists. Learn to have a conversation without wasting your time, without getting bored, and, please God, without offending anybody. […]

How To Get Stage 6 Upgrades On Csr2

Car upgrades are only the start. You can now get under the hood to tune gear ratios, tire pressure, nitrous boost settings and much more. And when the competition gets ruthless, make sure you strip surplus cars for parts, and fuse them into your favorite vehicles. BUILD YOUR DREAM GARAGE Collect the supercars of your dreams and show them off in your huge warehouse garage – CSR2 … […]

How To Keep A Conversation Going With Your Girlfriend

The best deep conversations wander from thought to thought naturally, but they all begin somewhere. Keep these deep conversation topics in mind the next time you and your girlfriend take a long drive, share a romantic dinner, or stay up talking all night. […]

How To Get Out Of Jury Duty In Australia

WHAT YOU GET PAID. For a short trial, less than 10 days, each juror gets $106.30 a day. For anything longer the rate increases to $239.20. The courts also pay 30.7c per km for travel. Lunch is a […]

How To Kill Small Roaches

21/03/2011 · Some glue traps, roach motels, on the shelves will catch the roaches there. Some gel, like Combat, comes in a syringe that makes it easy to put in the corners and crevies under the cabinets where they like to hide will get rid of them. […]

How To Get Rid Of Cracks In Walls

Small, immature cockroaches enjoy residing in wall cracks and other tight fitting areas. Cockroaches are able to squeeze into cracks measuring only 1/16 inch, and travel along the edges of walls. […]

How To Get Opal Concession Card

How to get an Opal card You can get an Adult and Child/Youth Opal cards over the counter at thousands of Opal retailers that display the Opal sign . To find your nearest retailer or order online, visit If you are eligible to travel with concession fares you can apply for a Gold Senior/Pensioner or Concession Opal card. Visit or call 13 67 25 (13 […]

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads On Forehead Naturally

The best thing to do when you notice one is to try and get rid of it immediately. The following natural remedies have been found to be the most effective for eliminating blackheads. Cinnamon: This antibacterial remedy can be used as a mask that benefits the skin, which includes removing blackheads. […]

How To Get Rid Of Body Odor For Men

These are my most helpful tips to stop body odor. These will prevent and/or eliminated bad odor (or odour for my European brethren 🙂 ) in both men & women. […]

How To Get Kids To Study

The Sleep DownUnder 2015 conference heard getting children to bed early may be even more important than ensuring they have a long sleep, according to a study. Dr Quach and colleagues from Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and University of New England studied 3600 children from the […]

How To Fix Ducted Air Conditioner

How to Repair Bent Air Conditioner Compressor Fins (video) How to Clean an AC Condensation Drain Line (video) Video Transcript Leaks in ductwork are often found where lines branch off or separate. With the furnace fan running, you can feel air escaping the duct. Once youve found the leak, use foil duct tape to cover the gap and seal the leak. For an extra layer of protection, use a paint […]

How To Grow Plants Fast Command Minecraft

im sorry sir, but the term is bone MEAL... learn to minecraft you uncultured swine :P MInecraft knowledge is your definition of culture? nope! just something my friends and i … […]

How To Do Mattress Stitch To Join Knitting

12/02/2015 · Mattress stitch is an invisible (from the right side) join between the sides of two pieces of knitting. You’ll use the running threads between the edge stitch and next-in from the edge. Running threads are the pieces of yarn which connect a stitch to its neighbour. […]

How To Get People To Stop Talking

For people who prefer to turn off the "Enhanced focus" setting introduced in TalkBack 6.2, you can now turn this off in Settings. For Android 8.0 and above, the "Dim screen shortcut" has been removed. […]

How To Get First Aid Certificate In Karnataka

Events and tickets details of Get First Aid Training In Bangalore? at Arera Technologies Pvt Ltd, Lakshmi Complex, 3rd Floor, Outer Ring Road, JP Nagar 6th phase,, Bengaluru, Karnataka Tickets Indian Events Desi Events Also find other Indian events on […]

How To Know When To Take My Prn

Both my PCP and the endo said to take my BB regularly but PRN if HR is okay? Is that right? Do you take them as needed? I forgot my PM dose tonight (took all day) and now am feeling pain in the thyroid and pulse pounding. I can't take them until I get home from work but wondering if I should be careful to skip them again. […]

How To Get A Message From Santa

Santa gets millions of letters, cards, texts, faxes and emails. Thank you for choosing to send him a message through — that gets your message straight through the North Pole Post Office immediately and right into Santa’s hands as soon as possible. […]

How To Get Money As A 12 Year Old

25/01/2014 Now how much should you give to a 13 year old? I bought some nice chocolate so she can share with her siblings and I'm thinking $40 to put in the birthday card. Is that too little, too much? […]

How To Get A Better Crossover

Making changes and measuring with an active crossover or digital crossover is easy and painless. Wavelength also works as you move away from the baffle so if the crossover frequency is set at 3000Hz and the drivers are placed further apart you will get lobeing if the midrange and tweeter drivers are more than 4.5 inches apart. […]

How To Speed Up Metabolism To Lose Weight

Your metabolism is the speed at which your food is digested absorbed and assimilated into your body. Inefficient metabolism can cause an increase in your body weight. […]

How To Get More Buff

In order to use the buff efficiently, you need to make the most benefit out of the time when you trade goods with the buff. Processed trade goods would be the perfect choice in this circumstance. Unlike other general goods, processed goods can be stacked, and this type of item can be stored in the inventory no matter how many they are. […]

Learn How To Sing For Beginners App

Featuring warm-ups, a training program, and the ability to track your progress, this free app is ideal for most beginners and even intermediate singers. 5. Easy Ear Training […]

How To Get To Pali Lookout

16/11/2001 We left the Pali Lookout parking lot at 9:00 a.m. and reached the Puka twenty minutes later after a nice scramble. Thanks to the ropes and cables previously laid, we reached the top of the second bypass by 10:00.The fun really starts when you reach the first set of pinnacles. The tough rock climbing come, not at the large pyramid, but at the little rocky knobs in-between. The climbing […]

How To Make Yourself Look Like Elsa

18/02/2009 · I was just wondering if there is this editing software that can make you look like someone else when you are on your webcam or when your making a video cause me and my friend want to look like scene queens xDD. so yeah if you have a answer please reply fast! […]

How To Rocket Jump Borderlands 2

SUPPORTS: BORDERLANDS 1 AND BORDERLANDS 2, AND PARTIALLY FOR THE PRESEQUEL! The Borderlands Ultimate mod has many fixes and features. You can choose which things to […]

How To Get Crabrawler In Pokemon Brick Bronze

Crabrawler - in berries Head east from the Hotel district of HeaHea City to reach the winding Route 4, which plays home to a relaively run-of-the-mill selection of items, trainers, and Pokemon. […]

How To Find Old Posts On Facebook Groups

25/05/2012 She has been on facebook cussing him out, and saying a lot of crap about him. What I would like to know is if there is a way to find everything that she has posted so that I can copy and paste it to my word program so that I can give it to him to show to the judge. This way she cant lie to the courts about him. I have tried scrolling down and hitting older posts at the bottom of all three […]

How To Get Speaking Gigs At Schools

Another tried and true way to get more speaking gigs is to appeal to multiple audiences. Use themes as a starting point. If you’re a novelist or memoirist, pitch themes that have the strongest universal appeal. Here are examples of how I pitched six different venues with the themes of my memoir: For schools: I pitched my book within the framework of an author talk that also supports the […]

How To Get Great Hair

Blame that bad hair day on a bad hair night. "Taking the time to do a few simple steps before you hit the sheets can prevent bed head in the morning," says hairstylist Justine Marjan. […]

How To Get An Annulment In The Catholic Church Philippines

Writing your Catholic annulment statement is probably the most critical submission to the Tribunal because it makes your case in detail for your annulment. In some ways the Tribunal is like a Catholic Church court. Your annulment statement is your evidence. That is why your marital statement is so extremely important. […]

How To Get Rid Of Chemical Burn

4 How to Get Rid of Moles Naturally Nair uses chemicals to destroy the proteins in hair, essentially dissolving hair right off the body. However, some people find … […]

How To Find A Queen Ant

Home Keeping Ants Your Ant Colony Taking Care of a New Ant Queen. Taking Care of a New Ant Queen. The ant society is centered around the ant mother: the queen. Every year new queens and males fly out to mate, and after the flight is over they’re easy to capture. There is a simple rule that tells us if an ant queen is mated or not: her wings. Most queens shed their wings after mating and can […]

Prey How To Get Into Deep Storage

The Deep Storage Safe is located in the back corner of the Command Center of the Deep Storage. It has a randomly generated code, meaning it is different for everyone in every Prey playthrough […]

How To Find An American Husband

8/09/2010 Best Answer: Go to America. American Husband You must speak to a good divorce lawyer. He has committed bigamy, which means his African marriage isn;t valid. Entiove him with a lawyer's help to split a large sum of money with both your names on a check. Have government agents ther secretly to not only cahrge him with bigamy […]

How To Kill Insect In Kitchen

How to Kill Gnats and other Tiny Flying Insects in Your Kitchen or in Your House If you want to learn how to kill gnats or other tiny insects flying in your kitchen or in your house you will need to go through a couple of steps. […]

How To Get Zombie City Defense 2 For Free

Zombie City Defense 2 is a tactical/strategy defense game. In a near future, the world has been devastated by a virus turning humanity into zombies. You are Iron Corps, the last defense of civilization traveling the world to find resources, help people and find answers. […]

How To Get More Topspin On Forehand

n this video i would help you understand some specific techniques and drills that will help you generate that consistent topspin forehand drive. Visit to get more free tennis tips. Follow Tennis Evolution: […]

How To Get The Pin Out Of A Watch Band

It happens. As you use a watch daily, the strap can get damaged. The cause could be down to the buckle breaking or perhaps the clasp ripping. In some cases, the pins connecting the strap to the watch face could even fall out; making your Garmin watch unwearable and unable to track your exercise. […]

Elder Scrolls Online How To Get A House

The Elder Scrolls Online Game Guide by TES Online Guide. The Elder Scrolls Online - World atlas. Ebonheart Pact. Deshaan . The Elder Scrolls Online Game Guide. Table of Contents. The Elder Scrolls Online - Deshaan. A Hlaalu victory in Narsis. A river view on Muth Gnarr's outskirts. A twin falls in Mournhold. Asleep in the depths, the Dwemer awakens. Follow the river that […]

How To Find Pmp Certified

According to the 2013 PMI Salary Survey, in the United States, the average PM would make a 19% higher salary when PMP certified. The PMP is also the highest paid IT certification from other surveys. The PMP is also the highest paid IT certification from other surveys. […]

How To Learn How To Blow Through Nose

Don’t let your ears ruin your dives. You’ve just started your first dive of the day. Everything is going great! You pinch your nose and blow to equalize your ears, but nothing happens. […]

How To Get Rid Of Cat Smell In Your House

Cat odors can be off-putting to you and your guest. Fortunately, you can use many common household items to banish these aromas without having to buy expensive cleaners. Follow these steps. Fortunately, you can use many common household items to banish these aromas without having to buy expensive cleaners. […]

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads Fast Yahoo

13/05/2008 · Best Answer: This is what I would do. Eat a can (not pickled) beet a day for 2 weeks without skipping a day. ( I know it sounds gross. Then steam towel your skin and get the blackheads out, then put a thin layer of neosporin on the skin and let … […]

How To Find Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren is the ultimate in preppy chic, combining all-American sportswear with the refined sensibility of European dressing. The label’s polo shirts have gained iconic status and become an essential off-duty staple. …[read more] […]

How To Get A Baby To Take A Soother

So, if you're keen to use a soother, you should check with your baby's paediatrician first. Generally speaking, if you're breastfeeding, it's best to wait until your feeding routine is well established before giving your baby a soother. […]

How To Get Thick Phlegm Out Of Throat

I have a thick, clue, stringy mucus draining from my nose into my mouth and throat. When I swim or use a neti pot to wash it out, it comes out as a glob of clear, thick, sticky, slimy mucus with a creamy white suspension. The consistency is something between gum and hair gel - it's slimy like hair gel, but stretches like gum. […]

How To Find Out If An Attorney Is Licensed

The licensing of attorneys in Vermont is governed primarily by Administrative Order No. 41, which includes provisions for each licensing status available to attorneys, as well as for initial licensure, license renewal, pro hac vice licensure, and license relinquishment. […]

How To Find The Ph Of A Solution With Oh

4/03/2012 · pH of resulting solution In an experiment, a student mixed 15.0mL of 0.030mol L -1 HCl with 20.0mL of 0.010mol L -1 Ba(OH) 2 . Calculate the pH of the resulting solution. […]

How To Find Port Forward On Telstra Router

Now login to your router and look for a menu called port forwarding (sometimes it will be under an Application and Gaming menu). Once in this menu, create a rule to forward the port selected from Step (1) to the internal (192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x) IP address of your camera. Be sure to assign the port number to both the internal and external ports. If there is a protocol option […]

How To Keep Track Of Your Pregnancy

Introduction. BabyBump Pregnancy Free by Alt12 Apps, LLC is a great app that will give you safety tips, suggestions on how to be more comfortable during your pregnancy, and give you tons of information about your pregnancy itself. […]

How To Find Liquidation Sales

As the baby boomer generation is beginning to take the necessary steps in downsizing, more and more families are considering using estate liquidation services thanks to the assistance of estate sales managers and auctioneers. […]

How To Fix A Rowenta Iron

Fortunately, steam irons rarely require repairs. Most malfunctions can be remedied or avoided by routine maintenance procedures. Usually, if a problem with a steam iron cannot be easily remedied at home, it is probably better to replace it entirely. […]

I Dont Know How To Quit You

I am writing to let you know that on October 22, 2008 I celebrated my two year anniversary as a non-smoker. Quitting smoking was THE best thing I have ever done for […]

How To Get Rid Of Authentication Required Pop Up

"Authentication Required" pop-ups Description: According to several security experts and malware researcher, "Authentication Required" pop-ups is enlisted as a fake message that specially used by Adware to trick innocent users. As all Continue reading > […]

How To Get Rid Of Sand Flies Outside

Tie the strips on branches and the railings around your patio, and let the scent of the oil get rid of the flies outside. Photo: 6 Ways to Prevent Flies from Returning. Once you […]

How To Find Hotel Star Ratings

Forbes Travel Guide is the only independent, global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants and spas. We verify luxury. […]

How To Get Blue Dye

Applying direct dye, regardless of how long I leave it on, just doesn’t color it blue! I hate to try to bleach the roots every 8 weeks, doing hair damage and getting patchy results. I hate to try to bleach the roots every 8 weeks, doing hair damage and getting patchy results. […]

How To Get Ab It Position Melbourne

You have options in LinkedIn to get new job alerts in specific areas of your interest, in a specific organisation or specific location in Melbourne. Keep your LinkedIn profile uptodate and let the recruiters know that you have a PR or looking for job in Melbourne(by updating your name with it). You have an option in LinkedIn to let recruiters know that you are looking for jobs. Try connecting […]

How To Get Usb To Work On Virtualbox

25/11/2018 VirtualBox can be used to test software that won't work on your computer's built-in operating system. For example, if you have a Mac and you want to test a Windows program, VirtualBox provides a solution. […]

How To Cook Live Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab are a West Coast staple and are sold live up and down the coastline—growing up, these are the type of crab we caught as often as we could get out on the boat … once caught, we’d place them in large buckets of ocean water until we were back on shore and it was time to cook. […]

How To Find Out The Right Wages For Jobs

Find a job. Thousands of jobs online right now. Find a provider . Connect with a local provider. jobactive for job seekers. Help to find a job. Harvest jobs. Find work harvesting fruit and vegies. Take part in a PaTH internship. Show an employer what you can do. Indigenous jobs. Find an Indigenous identified position. Start your own business. Be your own boss with the New Enterprise Incentive […]

How To Get Rid Of Sweaty Hands

There are many people wanting to know how they can get rid of sweaty hands. The medical term for this condition is palmar hyperhidrosis. It can be very debilitating and often affects teenagers. […]

How To Get Birds To Come To Bird Feeder

Bread, mince and honey are some of the worst things to feed birds, and yet they are some of the most common food items that feeders will put out. Bird feeders care deeply for the animals they […]

How To Find Friend Request Sent List In Facebook

It will remain secure your Facebook account. so today I’ll show you how to find these pending sent friend request & how you can delete it. So how’s Track and cancel a pending sent Friend request- 1- First login to your Facebook Account. […]

How To Get The Transcripts Of Convict Trials From England

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913 A fully searchable edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court. […]

How To Get Rid Of Excess Mucus In Throat

Symptoms of Mucus in Throat . Notwithstanding the fact that presence of excessive mucus in throat, by itself, is a symptom, it still is usually accompanied by few other signs. […]

How To Know If Your Cpu Is Dying

Windows also says that your computer might shut down suddenly because there’s a problem with your battery — in other words, your battery can’t hold enough of a charge to power your laptop for long when it’s not connected to an outlet. […]

How To Get Out Of Stormstout Brewery

20/12/2013 · Stormstout Brewery Healing 101. Posted on December 20, 2013 by Makakai. Now for second post of my Pandaria Healing 101 WoW dungeon guides. This is the other dungeon you encounter when you start your Pandaria leveling. Stormstout Brewery is a 5-man dungeon located in Valley of the Four Winds and has a Normal-difficulty and a Heroic-difficulty version of the dungeon. There are only … […]

How To Get Lots Of Money In Car Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator 2018 hack for Android and iOS, how to get a lot of money without downloading mod files. A lot of money for purchases using secret codes, follow the instructions and get an advantage when passing the game. […]

How To Lose Weight Without Building Too Much Muscle

After three doctor’s visits about my weight, he concluded I have too much muscle. I’m 5’7, 192 lbs, I’m a Black Belt in TKD and go to class two or three times a week. I eat yogurt and a banana every day, soup or salad for lunch and a nice healty dinner every day….having a nurse for a wife sure helps with my diet. But my body type is an odd one. My muscle has one hell of a memory from […]

How To Get A Job As A Golf Caddy

Perhaps the most notable golf job of all, caddies require an intimate knowledge of the course hole by hole. They need to know proper golf etiquette and how to fore caddy. Therefore, it is best to look to a course you have quite a bit of playing experience at to ensure you are prepared to advise others on club and shot selection. It can be a tough job in the dog days of summer, but working the […]

How To Get Dual Citizenship Germany Australia

If the German citizen applies for (and is granted) the permission from the German government prior to the application for a foreign nationality, (s)he may hold dual citizenship Acquisition of Palestinian citizenship (of the Palestine Mandate) or Israeli citizenship under the […]

How To Make A Little Kid Listen

I cant include a list that ID want to listen to as well without including a little something from the genius that is Radiohead. My kids? They love the drums and the […]

Revit How To Get A Door Centred On The Wall

1/04/2006 · In a door or window family template select the reference plane that is centered in the family and go to it's properties. You'll notice that the parameter "Is Reference" is called out as "Center (Left/Right)". This is the reference plane that Revit uses when you're dimensioning to the centerline of your doors and windows in plan. Always try to keep this reference plane centered in your family […]

How To Find The Author Of A Bbc Article

13/11/2009 Best Answer: Use the website address and state the date it was published and the date you accessed it i.e. today. That is normally fine for websites as they often do not state the author. […]

How To Get A World Record

From KW Rookie: “Yo Cam… Incredible fish man, truly worth publication. I’ve been free dive spearing for just over a year in the Keys , and of course the Hogfish 21.8# is really impressive since thats what I … […]

How To Join The Payday 2 Community

Why does no one drop into my public Payday 2 game? Ask Question 2. Update 8/21/15. Due Its the easiest way to join each other in payday. The game we create is always set to public, with drop-in allowed, no reputation limit, and playing with AI. We didnt mind playing a game or two alone at first, but after a dozen games in a row, we noticed no one was dropping into our game. We have never […]

How To Fix Audio In Iphone 6video

How to Fix No Notification Sound Issue on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ No Notification Sound Issue has been encountered by many users after updating their devices to the latest iOS. Many users are not able to hear the notifications for incoming calls, text messages, FaceTime, e-mails, games and other applications as well. […]

How To Get The Rat King Destint 2

Play, streaming, watch and download Destiny 2 - HOW TO GET THE RAT KING! Exotic Quest! video (21:20) , you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free. Destiny 2! Exotic Quest! How To Get The Rat King… […]

How To Get Into Santa Clara University

Parshwa got enrolled in Master of Science in Information System at Santa Clara University and he is expected to graduate in June 2018. His GRE score was 312 in 340. […]

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